A Korean sausage maker is experiencing a sales boom due to cold winter weather. People are buying CJ Corporation’s snack sausages to use as styluses for their iPhones.

The sausage-fingers, which may or may not be called “Max Rods”, conduct electricity and let iPhone owners use their devices whilst keeping their gloves on. According to the rather hard-to-interpret Korean news story, a cold winter has boosted sales by 40%.

The photo, taken by Byron of the Bikehugger community, appears to show commuters stroking their meat across the capacitive screen while still encased in its plastic sheath — good news, as otherwise things might get a bit gross. We wonder how long these sausages last. We guess that if they are encased in their plastic sleeves, and used in the cold, they’ll probably be good until spring, whereupon they can be repurposed as a delicious snack.
Read More HERE.

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